*The Year in Conferences

The Year in Conferences, an annual group-authored report from the field,  provides a snapshot of what’s going on at the major conferences taking place over the course of the year. An important resource for the profession, a professionalizing experience for the writers, exposure to other people in the field, and a publication, The Year in Conferences is an alternate use of journal space focused on multiple levels of knowledge-making. Now in its 4th year, YiC writers have received support from over 25 institutions in the form of travel aid and conference fee waivers. “Journal Space 2.0: Teaching Through Editing” an article about YiC, is forthcoming in a special issue on graduate education of Pedagogy, guest edited by Lenny Cassuto.  As of 2013, Marlowe Daly-Galeano, Assistant Professor at Lewis and Clark State College and former YiC writer is the current Director of YiC.